A makerspace for york

Working Class is a nonprofit industrial design, fabrication and education center combining the arts, industry, entrepreneuriship, and community. Working Class is a makerspace.

What's a makerspace? Makerspaces function similarly to public membership gyms. For a reasonable monthly fee, members gain access to the facility and tools that would be prohibitively expensive for them to acquire on their own. More than just tools, access to knowledge to leverage these powerful tools is paramount to the
success of these spaces. Classes and events are offered to build skill sets, facilitate innovation and collaboration, and foster and strengthen the community of participating makers. The makers include everyone from individual beginners to corporate memberships.

Our makerspace will provide our members and partners with access to the shop space, knowledge, sophisticated tools, mentorship, and community that are required to excel as a hobbyist, artist, student, or entrepreneur across a wide range of applied interests.

Check back later for information on membership, classes/skills offered, and upcoming events!